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Buwat Station - barracks 1.jpg


GPS:   24.701895, 39.218184

           24°42'6.81"N 39°13'5.47"E

Distance to next station south (Hafira): 21 km

Distance to next station north (Bir Nassif): 20 km

Altitude:  521 m

Name plaque of Buwat Station on the Hejaz Railway in Saudi Arabia
Buwat barracks 2.jpg

Two-storey black basalt stone station building.

Small well outside the entrance.

Remains of material on the ground show that it was originally roofed with red tiles.

Double-track crossing point on the east side of the station.

Barracks built around a central courtyard (rails used in the construction). Well and cesspit at rear.

Defence fortification and look-out post on a hill 1.15 km. west of the station.

During the war Buwat was used as a fuel dump for wood. In Sept. 1918, 800 rails were delivered to the station for the construction of a light railway to obtain timber from nearby sources. The track was laid, but the war ended before the line could be effectively utilised.

Base of a wagon on a farm 1.8 kms south of the station to the east of the track.

Buwat Station on Hejaz Railway in Saudi Arabia

On 7 October, an operation was carried out by Prince Ali's forces to demolish a stretch of track to the south of Buwat Station, while at the same time the French Captain Raho blew up 1,200 rails to the north. In November 1917, a major raid was carried out against the station by an Arab force of 1,750 Bedouin, consisting mainly of Al Harb tribesmen. Accompanied by four companies of Arab regular troops and a French artillery contingent of six mountain guns under Lt. Kernag, the attack was launched at dawn on 11 November. Following an artillery bombardment, the tribesmen attempted to rush the defences, but were driven back. After further bombardment, the station caught fire. Two trains carrying reinforcements of Turkish infantry, machine guns and artillery were brought in from both north and south. Although neither train could reach the station due to earlier demolitions on the line, the Turks quickly repaired the track under cover of their guns. By noon, machine guns had been moved up to the defence posts around the station and the raiding party was forced to withdraw.

In January 1918, a force under Prince Ali (Sherif Hussein's eldest son) demolished a kilometre of track between Buwat and Bir Nassif, and in March a further 3,000 rails in the vicinity of Buwat Station.

Defensive position Buwat.jpg

Google Earth image © 2023 Airbus showing the fortified hill post to the west of the station

Buwat Station on the Hejaz Railway in Saudi Arabia

The fortified post was situated on the brown hill to the left of the station

Buwat Station on Hejaz Railway in Saudi Arabia
Buwat Station barracks on the Hejaz Railway in Saudi Arabia

The barracks block was built around a

decorative colonnaded courtyard

Buwat Station Hejaz Railway Saudi Arabia

Rails were used as support joists in the

construction of the barracks block

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