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For over a century the Hejaz Railway has been known for Lawrence of Arabia's celebrated desert campaign, fighting alongside the Bedouin in the Arab Revolt during the First World War. Yet perhaps the reputation the railway truly deserves is for the epic story of its construction, a monumental feat of engineering, requiring enormous imagination, technical ability, courage and determination.

Use the links below to discover the story of the great construction project from Damascus, the capital of Syria, to Medina, deep within the Hejaz region of modern Saudi Arabia.

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Sultan Abdulhamid II Ottoman History of the Hejaz Railway
Muazzam Fort (Muadhdham Fort) Pilgrimage caravanserai fort on Darb al Hajj and Hejaz Railway in Saudi Arabia
Construction workers laying ballast on the Hejaz Railway
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Water windmill pump on the Hejaz Railway at AlUla Station in Saudi Arabia
Hejaz Railway medals for donations to the construction project
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